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BYOP Meridian Testimonial

Robert Waters 2 FB_edited.jpg

Claudio Angeleri from Alessandria, Italy (unedited). Above photo sent in by Claudio.

“Hi Brian, first of all I want to thank you for creating the Pilot collection and for your kind words you used towards me. I am happy with your invitation to join your community of enthusiasts and I will, thanks again. The watch arrived before the expected date in perfect condition and is already on my wrist. it is even more beautiful than in photography and will be part of my watch collection. It is very well built with superior quality finishes. Its minimalist design makes it easy to read and very attractive to the eye. It is supplied with a nice leather watch holder that can be used as a glasses holder. Congratulations to the manufacturer who is very kind and communicative. Should you decide to produce other models, please let me know. Thank you very much and I wish you great luck in your work.​

Now I will express my thoughts on your creations. Given that my interest as a collector is now aimed at small producers rather than big brands that at this moment seem less interesting to me. The first time I saw your watches on instagram I was very impressed by the design, and since I like them the models a little different from the usual I immediately decided to buy one. When my watch arrived, I was able to appreciate the quality of the workmanship and the smoothness with which the inner crown moves.  The readability of the dial and the good luminescence in the dark.  the mechanism is the precise and super tested Seiko that I also use.​I really liked the wearability of the watch and the tapering of the ring surrounding the glass, very inclined so as to make the watch appear important but not intrusive given its 42 mm diameter.  I found the idea of ​​the cofection excellent, it recalls the idea of ​​pilot glasses and is, if desired, reusable.  The fact that it is in leather reinforces its elegance and exclusivity. ​I will definitely buy another one of your watches, I wouldn’t want the one I have to feel lonely! You will definitely hear from each other in July, in the meantime I send you my best wishes for your new collection that I can’t wait to admire!"

– Claudio

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