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Blue Anti-Reflective Coating Inside

We take commitment and attention to detail seriously. You'll see this in the wingspan of quality across our pilot watches. This includes blue anti-reflective coating on the inside of our watch crystals.

BYOP Meridian Pilot Watch

Anti-reflective coating is ideal for pilot watches, as pilots need to be able to read the dials clearly and at a quick glance. Pilot watches need to be designed to reduce glare, light reflections or distortion. To reduce this, many watch makers use anti-reflective (AR) coating on the outside of the watch face. This method has proven to result in scratches to the coating. To prevent this, we apply anti-reflective coating to the inside of our crystals, eliminating the chance of  scratches. 


In additioan to this, we know AR coating is highly effective in reducing glare, but even more so when the color is blue. Our watches are created with blue anti-reflective coating that reduces blue light in the sun's ultraviolent rays which further reduces wavelengths of light as they pass through the watch face. This provides a even clearer reading of your watch dial, especially while in flight.  


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