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Sapphire Crystals

We take commitment and attention to detail seriously. You'll see this in the wingspan of quality across our pilot watches. This includes genuine sapphire crystals on the front face and back side of our pilot watches. 

BYOP Sapphire Watch Crystal


Aviation Pilots need to clearly read their watch dials with accuracy, often times at a quick glance. Any scratching, chips, or cracks on the watch face can cause distortion while reading the dial. To avoid this, we use only sapphire crystal glass.


 Sapphire crystals are a standard of quality that's measured by modern watchmakers. They are sued by the most famous high quality watch brands many in place of other types of watch glass. Simply said, the hardness and durability of sapphire is worth it. Sapphire reduces the chances of accidental scratches or chips to the watch face further protecting you watch from damage. To put this in perspective, sapphire crystals are almost as hard as the hardest substance on earth, diamonds. On the Mohs scale—the qualitative ordinal scale that measures the relative hardness of a mineral and its resistance to scratching—diamonds measures at 10, and sapphire measures at a 9.

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